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Business Hub Overview

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  • Business Hub

To better provide our customers and partners with all of the tools necessary to manage their devices, Avast has created a multi-tenant cloud-based Console to upgrade the Avast Business Cloud Console. This gives administrators and partners a simple overview of all customers and the status of their devices.

The normal Hub allows users to create Sites, but if a Partner registers for the Hub via the Partner Portal, their Console will use "Customers" instead of "Sites". These terms will be used more or less interchangeably in the documentation.

Single- vs Multi-tenant

When you register for your Hub account, you have the option to choose between a single-company console and a multi-company console.

Single-company Console

Small and medium businesses are likely only managing their own devices and will only need one account. This option will set up a single-company account in the Hub, and there will not be any partner-level options like the customer drop-down menu.

Multi-company Console

Larger businesses and partners tend to manage multiple smaller companies (or sites). This option will set up a multi-company account in the Hub, which enables you to create multiple customers/sites from the same top-level account. You can add administrators to a single company, who will only have access to the single-company version.

If you are a Partner, you will need to sign up for the Hub from the Partner Portal to receive the Partner version of the multi-company console.

Feature Overview

The Hub provides new and additional features to many previous Cloud Console options.