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Adding Companies

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Hub


The Hub allows partners to manage multiple customers (companies) within a single console. These customers will have access to a single-tenant version of the Hub, but no access to other companies.

Creating Managed Customers

  1. With no customer selected in the left-hand pane, click Dashboard
  2. Click + Customer
  3. Enter the Customer Name (the name of the company that will be managed)
  4. Select the customer Region
  5. Select the type of Antivirus subscription the customer will use
  6. Select the type of Patch Management subscription (if any) the customer will use
  7. Click Create Customer

The newly created customer will become an entry on the left-hand customer selection pane and on the Dashboard. Once the customer is created, you should ensure the administrator, if any, is invited to manage the company from the Cloud Console. For more information, see Adding and Editing Users.

Creating Unmanaged Customers

Partners can create company accounts for customers that will not be able to be managed from the partner's Hub and will have a their own single-tenant Hub. In the top-right of the Console click your name, then Your Profile. You will see the details for your account and the companies you can access and/or manage.

  1. On the Your Profile screen, click + Create Company
  2. Enter the Company Name
  3. Select the company Region
  4. Click Create Company

You will be assigned to this company as an Admin and will be able to use Account Switching to view the new company. For more information, see Managing Companies.