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Integrating the Business Hub with ConnectWise Automate

This Article Applies to:

  • Business Hub

This article assumes that the customer is aware of how ConnectWise works and already has this set up for their network.

Getting Started

Adding the Avast Plugin to ConnectWise Automate

The Avast Plugin must be added to your ConnectWise Automate Control Center before you can integrate with the Business Hub.

  1. Download the Avast Plugin
  2. Extract Avast Antivirus.dll to a different location, such as your Desktop
  3. Within the Automate Control Center, navigate to System ▸ Plugin Manager ▸ Advanced ▸ Manage Plugins ▸ Add Plugin
  4. Select the .dll file from the location you saved it to
  5. From within the Plugin Manager, ensure the Avast Plugin is enabled
  6. Restart the Automate Control Center

Setting Up Integration

Before you can begin using the ConnectWise application to perform basic functions in Avast Business, you will need to set up the integration with the Hub.

  1. Log in to the Business Hub
  2. Click the cog at the top right, then click Integrations
  3. Click + Add a new integration and enter a name for it
  4. Click Generate Secret
  5. Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret into your ConnectWise configuration
    • Once you close this screen, you will not be able to view the secret again. If you need a new secret, click the three dots beside the integration on the list, click Generate New Secret, then add this to your configuration.

Integration Settings

Automation Speed: this setting determines how quickly ConnectWise is going to cycle the service. Fast cycles every 6 seconds, while Normal cycles every hour on the half hour (ie 11:30, 12:30, …)

Enable Clients: this button opens the client window showing your locations and the number of devices available. You can click check boxes to enable Avast Business Antivirus on these devices.

  • Clients that are enabled will have Antivirus installed using the default group/policy for that particular company. The default group/policy can be configured from the Hub.
  • If you do not automate installation of Antivirus to workstations and/or servers, you will have to do so manually.

Manually Installing Antivirus on Clients

  1. In ConnectWise, double-click on the Client name to open the client Console
  2. Click the Avast Business tab
  3. Select devices by holding SHIFT or CTRL
  4. Right-click and select Install Avast

Avast Business Details

  1. In ConnectWise, double-click on the Client name to open the client Console
  2. Click the Avast Business tab
  3. Click the Dashboard tab to see an overview of the installed devices in the network
  4. Click the Devices tab to see which devices are installed or not installed
    • Right-click a device to access other actions, which are detailed in the next section
  5. Click the Settings tab to select whether Antivirus is auto-deployed to workstations and/or server devices added to the Client network

Managing Your Devices with ConnectWise

The following options are available from the Client or Company Console via the Avast Business tab, when you right-click on a device name.

Open Console

This option opens the device console in ConnectWise, which will display information about the device and allow you to run scripts or remotely connect to the device.

Many of these buttons, such as Storage and Software, can be clicked to view even more detail.

View Status

With this option you can view an overview of any items affecting the status of the device, which will be retrieved from the Avast Business console. The most important lines are Status, Health, and the results of the Risk Checks. If you see any numbers besides 0 in the Risk Checks section, a threat has been found on the device and should be resolved as soon as possible

Scan Agent

This option will run a quick Antivirus scan on the device based on the settings in the assigned Policy. For example, if you have chosen that threats should be automatically repaired, this will occur after the scan.

Install Antivirus

This will only work for devices which do not already have Antivirus installed (ie listed as NONE under the Status column). Avast Business Antivirus will be installed on the device and its status will update to ACTIVE when the installation is complete. Please note the device may require a restart.

Uninstall Antivirus

This will only work for devices which have Antivirus installed (ie listed as ACTIVE under the Status column). Avast Business Antivirus will be removed from the device, and its status will update to NONE when the uninstallation is complete. Please note the device may require a restart.