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Viewer vs. Administrator Permissions

This Article Applies to:

  • Business Hub

When you invite a user to your Business Hub you have an option to give them full permissions as an Administrator, or limited permissions as a Viewer. For more information about inviting users, see Adding and Editing Users.

Permission Cell Color
Disabled (visible, no interaction)  
Hidden (not visible)  


Page Section or Element Administrator Viewer
Main Menu Status Link / Version Link    
Open / Collapse Navigation Bar    
Help & Support Any Action in Support Documents / Contact Our Support / Help Us Become Better Sections    
General Settings Any Action    
Profile Menu Company Profile    
Your Profile    
User Management    
Notification Settings    
Language Dialogue    
Switch Companies Menu Any Action    
Dashboard Alerts and Patches Redirect to Devices Page    
Alert Actions and Dismiss / Mute    
Patch Widgets Try / Buy Options    
Any Action for Threats, OS, and Manage Widgets    
Devices Filters / Search    
Actions Menu    
Export Devices List    
Add New Device    
Alert Actions and Dismiss / Mute    
Device Context Menu    
Show / Hide Groups    
Any Action for Groups Section    
Any Action for Device Details Section    
View Quarantine    
Tasks Filters / Search    
Actions Menu    
Create New Task    
Task Context Menu    
Stop / Delete Task    
Patches Filters / Search    
Actions Menu    
Patch Context Menu    
Policies Add / Delete Policy    
Assigned To / Used By    
Settings Context Menu    
Any Action for Settings Details Section    
Notifications Any Action    
Reports Any Action    
Subscriptions Try / Buy / Manage Subscription / Add More Devices    
Renew / Got Activation Code?    
Redirect to Device List    
Remote Deployment Any Action