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Managing Tasks

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Hub


From the Devices page of your Business Hub, you can remotely run or stop various types of tasks on the devices in your network. Namely, you can:

  • Perform Antivirus scans
  • Update devices' Antivirus program and virus definitions
  • Shut down and restart devices
  • Back up and restore devices' data (when Cloud Backup is active)
  • Scan for and install patches (when Patch Management is active)

These tasks can be applied to all devices in your network at once or to selected devices only.

Note that all tasks performed manually from the Devices page are immediate, one-time tasks. Most tasks, however, can also run automatically if the related policy settings are enabled.

Running Tasks

To see how to manually run tasks or set up automatic tasks (when possible), refer to the following articles:

Tasks will only run on the assigned devices when those devices are online and communicating with the console. If a one-time task is skipped on a device due to the device being unreachable, it will run when the device becomes reachable again. In case of multiple missed instances of a recurring task, the task will run only once and then continue on the schedule. In case of one-time/recurring restart or shutdown tasks, however, the missed ones will not be run again.

Viewing Task Details

To access more detailed information about a specific device's tasks:

  1. Open the Devices page
  2. Click the device's alias to open its Detail drawer
  3. Go to the Tasks tab

Via the buttons in the top right corner, you can switch between the completed tasks and those still waiting to be executed.

Both lists will contain the following information for each task:

  • Type: Full system scan, Quick scan, Boot-time scan, Custom scan, Update program, Update virus definitions, Restart, Shutdown, Patch scan, Patch installation, Cloud backup, Backup restore
  • Frequency: One-time, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Status: Created, Running, Stopping / Failed, Stopped, Done
  • Created: Creation time (hovering over an entry will display more detailed information)

The Waiting list will also provide the information on the device count, i.e. the number of devices a task is created for. Clicking a link here (e.g. 2 Devices) will filter the Device list to show only those devices.

The Completed list will instead show the name and completion time of each task. Also, the result of any listed task (e.g. Device restarted) can be viewed by clicking the Show Results link in the Result column (you will be redirected to the Task Report, filtered to show only that task).

To facilitate data lookup, you can filter the lists by type and status, while other columns can be sorted to show results in ascending or descending order. You can also search for a specific completed task by its name.

Stopping Tasks

If needed, you can stop a task via its actions menu (three dots).

You can also stop multiple tasks at once by ticking the checkboxes next to them, then selecting Task Actions > Stop above the list.