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Do Not Disturb Mode

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Small Office Protection


Do Not Disturb Mode improves the performance of your PC while you play games by adjusting system settings and disabling unnecessary apps from running in the background. Each time you run a game, Do Not Disturb Mode automatically detects it and adds it to a list of game entries. When you run games on this list of entries, Do Not Disturb Mode automatically launches.

Configuring Do Not Disturb Mode

Adding Applications

  1. Open the Small Office Protection UI
  2. Click Performance, then Do Not Disturb Mode
  3. Click Add App
  4. Do one of the following:
  5. Click Add app beside the application in the list
  6. Click Select app path and browse to the application executable

Editing Applications

If you click the three dots beside an application in the list, you will open a context menu.

  • Launch: start the application
  • Rename: change the name of the application's entry in the list
  • Remove: remove the application from the list
  • Maximize Performance: will run the app as high priority and set Windows to high performance mode when the app is in fullscreen

Configuring Do Not Disturb Mode Settings

You can access these settings by clicking Menu > Settings, then navigating to Performance > Do Not Disturb Mode.

  • Silence notifications from 3rd-party apps: block all alerts while running your chosen apps in fullscreen mode
    • Clicking Don't block notifications from these apps will open the list of apps that are currently not being blocked; additional apps can be added to the list by clicking Add app.
  • Silence Avast notifications: silences all Avast popups, warnings, and scheduled scans
  • Pause Windows Updates: stops Windows updates from slowing you down while running apps in fullscreen mode
  • Automatically add new apps: any app running in fullscreen mode will be added to your Do Not Disturb list