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Removing Devices From CloudCare

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare


Via your CloudCare console, you can remotely uninstall the managed Antivirus client (i.e. remove a device from your network), which will free up a subscription seat. If the device is offline/inaccessible via the console, you can uninstall the client locally.

Remote Uninstall

There are several ways to uninstall the CloudCare client remotely, via the CloudCare console. You can perform the action on a single device or on multiple devices. Furthermore, partners have the additional option of removing Avast Business CloudCare from all devices linked to a customer when deleting the customer from the console.

Devices must be online and communicating with the Avast Business CloudCare portal in order to uninstall the client software. The uninstall command is immediately sent from the console, and if a device is offline or unable to communicate with the console, it will only receive the command when it is brought online. Therefore, if you are having communication issues and uninstall and re-install a device locally to resolve them, the device will then re-establish connection with the console and initiate the uninstall. If the device has already been decommissioned or cannot be brought online, sending the uninstall command from the console will free up the subscription for that device.

Uninstalling From a Single device

  1. Navigate to the Devices tab
  2. Click the arrow next to the device you are removing
  3. Under Other Actions, click the Uninstall CloudCare link

Uninstalling From Multiple Devices

  1. Navigate to the Devices tab
  2. Click the check boxes beside the devices you are removing
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Uninstall

Uninstalling From All Customer's Devices (Partners Only)

  1. Select the customer from the Customer List
  2. Click the Account tab
  3. Click Delete Customer on the customer’s profile page
  4. Click Delete Customer again when prompted

Local Uninstall

If your device is lost or cannot connect to the network (for example, it has no internet connection,) it may never receive the message to perform the uninstall. Local uninstallation of the CloudCare protection is performed from each device on which it is installed. If necessary, local uninstallation can be protected by setting a password in the device's policy.

Windows Devices

  1. Navigate to Windows Control Panel
  2. In the list, locate your Avast Business CloudCare, then right-click it and select Uninstall
  3. Click Uninstall to confirm
  4. Wait until the client is uninstalled from the device
  5. When prompted, restart your device

macOS Devices

To uninstall Avast Business CloudCare from a macOS device:

  1. With the Antivirus client open, click Avast on the left side of the menu bar, and select the Uninstall option
  2. Once the uninstaller opens, read the introduction, then click Continue
  3. If prompted, provide your admin credentials and hit Enter, then wait until the process completes
  4. Once Avast Business Antivirus is successfully removed, click Finish to exit the uninstaller