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MSPs using the new Partner Business Hub will be able to change the way they pay for subscriptions — from pre-paid yearly for a set number of seats, to paying monthly for only active devices. Flexible Billing, also called Pay As You Go (PAYG), charges on a prorated basis for the services used by a customer for each day of the month. Instead of paying for seats which may go unused, MSPs using Flexible Billing will only have to pay for the devices actively using Avast Business products — and never have to worry about manual renewals.


Flexible Billing is based on daily price: cost per day per service. If a service is installed and activated on a device, the MSP will be charged for it. However, if a service is disabled on a device for a full day (or longer), they will not be charged for it. This will be broken down clearly in each invoice.

All current Avast Business services are available for flexible billing pricing: Avast Business Antivirus (Pro/Plus), Patch Management, and Premium Remote Control.

Example: A customer has Antivirus installed and activated for 15 days out of an entire month. They will only be charged for those 15 days, no more, no less.

Activating Flexible Billing

New Customer

Flexible Billing can be easily activated when you add a new customer to your network in the Hub.

  1. With no customer selected in the drop-down menu, click +Customer on the Dashboard page
  2. Enter the Customer Name and Country
  3. Select Flexible Billing
  4. Click Create Customer

You will then be able to add a Payment Method (credit card or LOC) on the Account page and choose the services you would like to activate for your customers.

an image of the Create Customer screen allowing PAYG to be chosen

Existing Customer

There is currently no way to change an existing pre-paid subscription to a Flexible Billing subscription. We are working on adding this functionality in a later release.

However, if you already have a customer created but do not have any valid subscription applied (such as an expired one) to them, you can set the customer to the Flexible billing (PAYG) model.

Paying Invoices

Flexible Billing invoices can be paid via LOC or Credit Card, and payment can be configured within the Console on the AccountPayment Method tab.

You will need to go to OMS to view and pay prepaid subscription invoices.

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