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USB Protection

This Article Applies to:

  • Business Hub

The Business Hub now offers USB Protection service with Premium and Ultimate Small Business Solutions subscriptions to control access to USB flash drives, external HDDs, optical discs, memory cards, digital cameras, smart phones, tablets and other devices which contain storage capabilities. With this service, no removable device can access your end users’ data without permission.

USB protection can be configured in Policies, on the Service Settings → USB Protection tab.

Unless you select otherwise, USB protection is configured to Allow all removable storage devices to connect to your end users’ computers.

Configuring USB Protection

There are two options to apply to all removable devices that might connect to the devices under the policyAllow or Block.

Configuring Exclusions

You can configure exclusions for USB Protection in the USB Protection section of the Exclusions tab. Excluded devices will not be affected by whatever global setting has been configured in the policy.

  1. Click + Add new exclusion
  2. Check the box(es) for the device(s) you wish to exclude from USB Protection settings
  3. Click Add new exclusion

Once exclusions have been added, you can delete them from the list by clicking the trash icon.