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Enabling Event Logging

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare


The Avast Business CloudCare client is able to log events to the event viewer for monitoring purposes.

Enabling Logging

  1. For partners, select the customer you would like to enable event logging for in the Customer drop-down menu
  2. Navigate to the Policies tab
  3. Expand the CloudCare Agent Settings section
  4. Click the Logging tab
  5. Check the event types you wish to log, between Information, Warning, and/or Error
  6. Click Save & Apply to Devices

This will push the policy to the devices to enable the logging so you can begin your monitoring of these events.

Events Logged

Source Level Description Event ID Filtering
Cloud Backup Information Cloud Backup started 1  
Cloud Backup Information Cloud Backup cancelled 2  
Cloud Backup Warning Cloud Backup failed 3  
Cloud Backup Warning Cloud Backup completed with errors 4  
Cloud Backup Information Cloud Backup finished 5  
CloudCare Warning Memory utilization reached 293  
CloudCare Warning Disk capacity reached 294  
CloudCare Warning Blocked URL 295  
CloudCare Information Cloud Backup occurred 296

"error_file_count": <int> e.g.

"error_file_count": 1

"backup_status_id": <int>

CloudCare Warning Service crashed 298  
CloudCare Warning Antivirus component status has changed 300 "enabled":<bool>
CloudCare Warning Antivirus has detected a threat 301

"virus_action":<int> (see below)

"virus_action2":"<string>" e.g. blocked

CloudCare Information Antivirus scan started 302  
CloudCare Information Antivirus scan finished 303 "infections":<int> "errors_count":<int>
CloudCare Warning Antivirus update started 304  
CloudCare Warning Antivirus update finished 305  
CloudCare Warning Antivirus system restart/shutdown request 306  
CloudCare Warning Antivirus out of date definitions detected 314  
CloudCare Warning Antivirus scan was not executed for prolonged period 315  



virus_action_id Operation
0 No action
16777216 Ask user what to do
33554432 Delete file
50331648 Repair file
67108864 Stop processing file
83886080 Move file to designated folder
100663296 Move file to Virus Chest
117440512 Scan file
134217728 Do nothing
150994944 Fix automatically


virus_type_id Name
0 Malware
1 Suspicious file
2 Potentially unwanted program (PUP)
3 Scan error


backup_status_id Result
1 Succeeded
2 Failed
3 Canceled
4 Low bandwidth
5 Crashed
6 Started


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