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Advanced Firewall Features

This Article Applies to:

  • Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security
  • Small Office Protection

New Features

Version 21.11 of the Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security Firewall introduces three new features. These are available for configuration by navigating to Protection ▸ Firewall ▸ Advanced.

Use the toggles to enable or disable these features:

  • Leak Protection: prevents the device from leaking potentially sensitive data by enabling packet rules to block certain types of communication
  • Port Scan Alerts: warns the user is hackers and/or malware attempt to scan the device for open ports
  • ARP Spoofing Alerts: warns the user about attempted ARP spoofing attacks

Advanced Settings

You can access advanced settings by searching for geek:area in the Menu. Then scroll down to the Firewall section.

  • Show notification about newly created 'allow' rules: this option will display pop-up notifications when Avast allows or blocks a new communication path.
  • Internet Connection Sharing mode: this option will allow a trusted user to connect to the internet through your PC and/or connect to devices connected to the internet via your PC. This opens additional ports, which could be a security concern.
  • Allow all connections with Friends when in Private mode: this option is used when you are connected to a Private (Trusted) network so you can allow connections with networks listed as Friends.
  • Enable automatic profile switching: this option changes the firewall mode based on the profile set on network.
  • Show notifications about automatic profile switching: this option shows an Avast pop-up message about connection to a network and firewall profile changing.
  • IP block timeout: this option indicates how long an IP address will be blocked, in milliseconds.
  • Enable raw sockets: this option allows communication with applications through raw sockets.
  • Log all blocked packets: this option will add blocked packets to the firewall logs, to help create exceptions or new network rules. For more information see Logging Blocked Packets to Create Exclusions.

Reverting to Old Firewall Settings

In the event you would like to revert Antivirus to the older Firewall settings, do the following:

  1. In MenuSettingsGeneralTroubleshooting, disable self-defense by unchecking the box
  2. Open the configuration file at C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast\setup\config.def
  3. Edit the value “newFW=1” to “newFW=0”
  4. Save your changes, then exit and restart Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security