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Avast Error Codes

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Hub
  • Avast Business On-Premise Console
  • Avast Small Business Solutions
  • Avast Small Office Protection


These error codes can be returned by the Avast installer, updater, and/or found in log files.

Error Code Types

Instup (Avast 2014+): ID starts with AE_, value range is from 40961/0x0000a001 to 41231/0x0000a10f

Old Setup (up to Avast 8): ID starts with SETUP_ or SYNCER_, value range is from 0x20000000 to 0x20000026

Avast Core: ID starts with AVAST_, value range is from 42000/0x0000a410 to 42600/0x0000a668

Known Error Codes

Value 1 Value 2 Error Code Name Error Description
40961 0x0000a001 AE_SIGNATURE_INVALID Invalid signature. DSA signature verification failed for some file. Most likely an error during file transfer or an inconsistent chain of files was used for diff application.
40962 0x0000a002 AE_BROKEN_PACKAGE Broken package. A package is somehow corrupted: its format is incorrect (or unknown), or it contains inconsistent data. Can be caused by error in downloading, or an inconsistent chain of files used for diff application.
40963 0x0000a003 AE_NOT_INSTALLED Avast is not installed. Not a real error. This code is returned when installation cannot continue because some condition is not satisfied: reboot is needed before continuation, downgrade is not allowed.
40964 0x0000a004 AE_ALREADY_RUNNING Setup/updater is already running.
40964 0x0000a005 AE_NO_UPDATE Avast update (VPS or PROGRAM) was not performed because there is not a newer version. Code returned when update is requested and there is nothing new available. This code does not appear when only automatic updates are made because a check for a new version availability is made before update request.
40965 0x0000a006 AE_PACKAGE_MISMATCH A package is correctly signed but its content doesn't match expectation.
41217 0x0000a101 AE_INVALID_LOG_LEVEL Log level has invalid value (no available string representation, invalid cast, etc). Internal error - bad parameter used in logging function call.
41218 0x0000a102 AE_FAILED_STACK_GUARANTEE Failed to set stack guarantee for a calling thread. Internal error.
41219 0x0000a103 AE_MINIDUMP_FAILED Failed to write minidump. Internal error.
41220 0x0000a104 AE_CANCELLED DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_ERROR_CANCELLED). Internal error - downloading packages was interrupted by a user.
41221 0x0000a105 AE_DLDWRAPPER_NOT_CONNECTED DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_NOT_CONNECTED). Internal error - a problem with internet connection.
41222 0x0000a106 AE_DLDWRAPPER_HOST_UNREACHABLE DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_HOST_UNREACHABLE). Internal error - a problem with internet connection.
41223 0x0000a107 AE_DLDWRAPPER_SERVER_DOWN DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_SERVER_DOWN). Internal error - the selected server is not responding.
41224 0x0000a108 AE_DLDWRAPPER_PROXY_LOGIN_NEEDED DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_PROXY_LOGIN_NEEDED).
41225 0x0000a109 AE_DLDWRAPPER_HTTP_ERROR DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_HTTP_ERROR).
41226 0x0000a10a AE_DLDWRAPPER_RETRYING DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_RETRYING). Internal error - a problem with internet connection.
41227 0x0000a10b AE_DLDWRAPPER_SYSTEM DldWrapper class error code (~SYNCER_RETRYING). Internal error - a problem with internet connection.
41228 0x0000a10c AE_INVALID_PRODUCT_INFO The product data is invalid. Internal error - malformed product information data block.
41229 0x0000a10d AE_INVALID_PRODUCT_CONDITION The product condition type has invalid value. Internal error - malformed product information data block.
41230 0x0000a10e AE_INVALID_PRODUCT_ACTION The product action type has invalid value. Internal error - malformed product information data block.
41231 0x0000a10f AE_INVALID_SELECTION_TREE The product selection tree is invalid. Internal error - malformed product information data block.
42000 0x0000a410 AVAST_UNKNOWNERROR Unknown error.
42000 0x0000a410 AVAST_FIRSTERROR Unknown error.
42001 0x0000a411 AVAST_INVALIDENGINELICENSE License for avWork.dll is not valid.
42002 0x0000a412 AVAST_EXPIREDENGINELICENSE License for avWork.dll was expired.
42003 0x0000a413 AVAST_UNWANTEDEXCEPTION Exception found in code.
42004 0x0000a414 AVAST_FOLDERISFILE Can not create folder > same file exists.
42005 0x0000a415 AVAST_COMPRESSIONERROR Error while compressing data.
42006 0x0000a416 AVAST_OFFLINEFILE File is not present on drive > migrated to offline device.
42007 0x0000a417 AVAST_UNKNOWNOBJECT Object if unknown in current context.
42009 0x0000a419 AVAST_INVALIDINSTALL Avast is not installed as expected.
42010 0x0000a41a AVAST_NOTPACKED File is not packed.
42011 0x0000a41b AVAST_OPSTOPPED Operation was stopped.
42016 0x0000a420 AVAST_FILENOTSELECTED File was not tested due to engine configuration details (VPS_VR_ALLFILES).
42017 0x0000a421 AVAST_INVALIDLICENSE License string is not valid.
42018 0x0000a422 AVAST_INPROGRESS Operation in progress.
42019 0x0000a423 AVAST_FILEEXCLUDED File was not tested due to excluded areas.
42020 0x0000a424 AVAST_FILEIGNORED File was ignored for some reason and should be ignored by the subsequent operations (reports, etc).
42030 0x0000a42e AVAST_SCAN_UNKNOWN Unknown scanner error.
42031 0x0000a42f AVAST_OT_UNKNOWN Unknown internal object type.
42040 0x0000a428 AVAST_VPS_INVALIDCOMPRESSION VPS file was destroyed.
42043 0x0000a42b AVAST_VPS_ILLEGALVPS VPS file is valid, but updated illegally (not using ALWIL Software algorithm).
42050 0x0000a442 AVAST_PACK_UNKNOWNERROR Unknown packer error.
42052 0x0000a444 AVAST_PACK_CORRUPTED  
42055 0x0000a447 AVAST_PACK_COMPRESSFAIL  
42056 0x0000a448 AVAST_PACK_ENCRYPTED  
42057 0x0000a449 AVAST_PACK_FILETOOBIG  
42058 0x0000a44a AVAST_PACK_NOTEMPSPACE  
42059 0x0000a44b AVAST_PACK_DELETEPARENT  
42060 0x0000a44c AVAST_REPAIR_NOTREPAIRED File was not repaired.
42061 0x0000a44d AVAST_REPAIR_MAYBEREPAIRED We are not sure if file was repaired (WORD97).
42062 0x0000a44e AVAST_PACK_LIGHTCORRUPTED Warning, no reason to stop.
42070 0x0000a456 AVAST_MAPI_ATTSKIP_REFERENCE MAPI attach skipped because unknown store method.
42074 0x0000a45a AVAST_MAPI_ATTSKIP_OLE  
42100 0x0000a474 AVAST_POLYVIR_EXCEPTION Exception in polymorphic viruses code.
42101 0x0000a475 AVAST_POLYVIR_ERROR Error in polymorphic viruses code.
42102 0x0000a476 AVAST_MACROVIR_EXCEPTION Exception in macro viruses code.
42103 0x0000a477 AVAST_MACROVIR_ERROR Error in macro viruses code.
42104 0x0000a478 AVAST_STDVIR_EXCEPTION Exception in std viruses code.
42105 0x0000a479 AVAST_STDVIR_ERROR Error in std viruses code.
42110 0x0000a47e AVAST_PACK_DECOMPRESSIONBOMB File is a decompression bomb.
42111 0x0000a47f AVAST_PACK_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION Operation is not supported for this type of archive.
42120 0x0000a488 AVAST_PACK_ARJ_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42121 0x0000a489 AVAST_PACK_EXEC_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42122 0x0000a48a AVAST_PACK_MAPI_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42123 0x0000a48b AVAST_PACK_MIME_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42124 0x0000a48c AVAST_PACK_STREAMS_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42125 0x0000a48d AVAST_PACK_ZIP_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42126 0x0000a48e AVAST_PACK_RAR_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42127 0x0000a48f AVAST_PACK_CAB_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42128 0x0000a490 AVAST_PACK_TAR_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42129 0x0000a491 AVAST_PACK_GZ_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42130 0x0000a492 AVAST_PACK_BZIP2_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42131 0x0000a493 AVAST_PACK_ACE_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42132 0x0000a494 AVAST_PACK_EXEC_UPX_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42133 0x0000a495 AVAST_PACK_ARC_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42134 0x0000a496 AVAST_PACK_ZOO_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42135 0x0000a497 AVAST_PACK_LHARC_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42136 0x0000a498 AVAST_PACK_CHM_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42137 0x0000a499 AVAST_PACK_CPIO_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42138 0x0000a49a AVAST_PACK_RPM_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42139 0x0000a49b AVAST_PACK_7ZIP_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42140 0x0000a49c AVAST_PACK_ISO_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted; ISO + Nero ISO (NRG)
42141 0x0000a49d AVAST_PACK_DBX_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42142 0x0000a49e AVAST_PACK_SIS_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42143 0x0000a49f AVAST_PACK_DOM_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42144 0x0000a4a0 AVAST_PACK_OLE_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42145 0x0000a4a1 AVAST_PACK_INSTALLER_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42146 0x0000a4a2 AVAST_PACK_WINEMUL_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42147 0x0000a4a3 AVAST_PACK_DMG_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42148 0x0000a4a4 AVAST_PACK_XAR_CORRUPTED Pack is corrupted.
42150 0x0000a4a6 AVAST_KEY_EXPIRED Registration key expired.
42151 0x0000a4a7 AVAST_KEY_INVALID Invalid key.
42152 0x0000a4a8 AVAST_KEY_INSUFFICIENTCOUNT Insufficient number of licenses.
42162 0x0000a4b2 AVAST_LICFILE_SERVER  
42163 0x0000a4b3 AVAST_LICFILE_NO_SERVER  
42164 0x0000a4b4 AVAST_LICFILE_OBSOLETE  
42165 0x0000a4b5 AVAST_LICFILE_EXPIRED  
42166 0x0000a4b6 AVAST_LICFILE_NO_LICENSE  
42167 0x0000a4b7 AVAST_LICFILE_DEMO  
42168 0x0000a4b8 AVAST_LICFILE_BANNED  
42169 0x0000a4b9 AVAST_LICFILE_INVALID  
42170 0x0000a4ba AVAST_LICFILE_DISABLED  
42401 0x0000a5a1 AVAST_RSA_DATA  
42403 0x0000a5a3 AVAST_RSA_ENCODING  
42404 0x0000a5a4 AVAST_RSA_KEY  
42405 0x0000a5a5 AVAST_RSA_KEY_ENCODING  
42406 0x0000a5a6 AVAST_RSA_LEN  
42407 0x0000a5a7 AVAST_RSA_MODULUS_LEN  
42408 0x0000a5a8 AVAST_RSA_NEED_RANDOM  
42409 0x0000a5a9 AVAST_RSA_PRIVATE_KEY  
42410 0x0000a5aa AVAST_RSA_PUBLIC_KEY  
42411 0x0000a5ab AVAST_RSA_SIGNATURE  
42414 0x0000a5ae AVAST_RSA_FILE  
42415 0x0000a5af AVAST_RSA_KEY_LEN RSA Encrypt key len != MAX_ENCRYPTED_KEY_LEN.
42600 0x0000a668 A32E_LASTERROR Last valid Avast error.
536870912 0x20000000 SETUP_OK_SOMETHING_DONE  


536870914 0x20000002 SYNCER_NOT_CONNECTED Not connected at all.
536870915 0x20000003 SYNCER_HOST_UNREACHABLE Ping failed.
536870916 0x20000004 SYNCER_SERVER_DOWN Port unreachable; 5xx.
536870917 0x20000005 SYNCER_PROXY_LOGIN_NEEDED Proxy needs login.
536870918 0x20000006 SYNCER_HTTP_ERROR Any other http error.
536870919 0x20000007 SETUP_ERROR_INVALID_CMDLINE Invalid command line parameter.
536870920 0x20000008 SETUP_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_RIGHTS Not enough rights.
536870921 0x20000009 SETUP_ERROR_MISSING_ODBC missing ODBC.
536870922 0x2000000a SETUP_ERROR_OTHER_INSTANCE_RUNNING Another instance of setup is already running.
536870923 0x2000000b SETUP_ERROR_SIGNATURE_INVALID Signature invalid; file was broken or tampered with.
536870924 0x2000000c SETUP_ERROR_CANT_SELECT_SERVER Probably no servers in servers.def.
536870925 0x2000000d SETUP_ERROR_INVALID_PACKAGES_VPU Invalid package description file.
536870926 0x2000000e SETUP_ERROR_SFX_VERSION_MISMATCH exe or packages.vpx don't match the versions in setup.exe.
536870927 0x2000000f SETUP_NEED_NEWER_SETUP For inet, indicates you need newer setup.exe.
536870928 0x20000010 SETUP_GOT_NEWER_SETUP For inet, indicates new setup.exe is available.
536870929 0x20000011 SETUP_ERROR_BROKEN_PACKAGE Package can't be opened, is broken, has invalid version, has bad vps, etc.
536870930 0x20000012 SETUP_ERROR_NEED_RESTART Setup needs to be restarted first to perform pending rename operations.
536870931 0x20000013 SETUP_ERROR_INVALID_INSTALL_MODE Mismatched downgrade on sfx ver.
536870932 0x20000014 SETUP_ERROR_GETTING_SETUP_FAILED Downloading newer setup failed.
536870933 0x20000015 SETUP_ERROR_PRODUCT_VERSION Another version of this product is already installed.
536870934 0x20000016 SETUP_ERROR_OS_REQUIREMENTS Operating System does not meet minimal requirements.
536870935 0x20000017 SETUP_ERROR_OLD_FILES_LOCKED At least one of the files was locked; bailing out (just for overwrite mode).
536870936 0x20000018 SETUP_ERROR_IE_REQUIREMENTS Internet Explorer needed.
536870937 0x20000019 SETUP_ERROR_NOOP Invalid operation (eg. update when not installed or no operation at all).
536870938 0x2000001a SETUP_ERROR_LIC_INVALID_OR_EXPIRED License expired or invalid.
536870939 0x2000001b SETUP_ERROR_SERVERS_MAINTENANCED Servers under maintenance; try again later.
536870940 0x2000001c SETUP_ERROR_LIC_BANNED License banned.
536870941 0x2000001d SETUP_ERROR_LIC_DISABLED License disabled.
536870942 0x2000001e SETUP_ERROR_LIC_SBS_ON_SERVER Small Business License on full server.
536870943 0x2000001f SETUP_ERROR_TRY_DIFF_LATER Downloads has reached maximum retries, setup will try to download next time.
536870944 0x20000020 SETUP_ERROR_SERVER_OS Returns when installing non-server Avast on server OS.
536870945 0x20000021 SETUP_ERROR_OS_REQUIREMENTS_2000HOTFIX Returns when installing on win2k without KB816542 hotfix.
536870946 0x20000022 SETUP_ERROR_SETUP_TOO_OLD Returns when user runs a setup that is too old.
536870947 0x20000023 SETUP_ERROR_EDITION_DOWNGRADE Returns when the product edition is downgrading (e.g. pro > free).
536870948 0x20000024 SETUP_ERROR_LIC_FEATURE_MISSING Feature not found in license file.
536870949 0x20000025 SETUP_ERROR_WHS_OS WHS edition is installed on non-WHS OS.
536870950 0x20000026 SYNCER_ERROR_SERVER_BUSY Return later, do not report any error to a user.