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Configuring Basic Mobile Protection Settings on Android

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Small Office Protection


In the Settings section of the Avast Mobile Security app, you can adjust the configuration to meet your needs.

Available Settings

Settings are accessed by opening the Menu and tapping Settings near the bottom of the menu. You can configure the following settings:

Notifications & Alerts

Set the types of notifications you want to receive from the app. All notifications are turned On by default. Permanent notification is necessary for the app to provide complete protection.


Schedule automatic scans and turn on additional protection settings. For more information, see Scanning for Security Threats on Android .

PIN & Pattern

Set or change your App Lock for Android PIN/Pattern.

Data Usage

Allow the app to manage your data usage by inputting information about your data plan. Based on this information, Avast Mobile Security calculates your Recommended daily limit.


Check the current Virus definitions version. By default, virus definitions are updated whenever you have internet access. To preserve mobile data, turn on the Update over Wi-Fi only option so that updates only occur when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Activity Log

View a list of recent activities performed by the app, such as updates and scans.

Personal Privacy

Set your preferences for sharing anonymized information that helps us understand your needs and improve our product accordingly. Starting from version 6.26.3, you may also set here if you wish to disable the "Avast promotions" - just turn Share app-usage data with Avast so we may offer you upgrades or other products off.


View information about the app such as the current version and End User License Agreement.