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Activating Patch Management

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Hub

If you are subscribed to Ultimate Business Security, Patch Management will already be available in the bundle. In such case, you can skip right to Installing Patch Management.


To be able to install the Patch Management add-on service on your devices, you first need to activate it via the Subscriptions page of the Business Hub by either buying a subscription or starting a free trial.

Clicking Buy now will take you to the online shopping cart to complete the transaction.

Partners can purchase Patch Management subscriptions via OMS and then insert the activation key in the Hub to activate the service.


Clicking Start trial will display a dialog informing you that the trial lasts 30 days, after which the Patch Management service will be automatically deactivated. To proceed, select Activate trial.

Once activated, Patch Management will become available on the Subscriptions page, showing its expiration date and the number of devices using the service. Clicking the count link will bring you to the Devices page, filtered to show devices with Patch Management enabled.

To add the activated Patch Management service to new or existing devices, see Installing Patch Management.