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Updating and Upgrading Docker on Linux

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business On-Premise Console

Updating Docker

At times you will need to update your Docker installation. First you will need to update the dnf package cache, then select which version of Docker to install. Use the following commands.

  1. #systemctl stop docker: stops Docker services
  2. #dnf makecache: creates system cache
  3. #dnf list docker-ce.x86_64 –showduplicates sort -r: outputs a list of Docker versions available so you can note the version number you wish to use
  4. #dnf -y install docker-ce-<version>: installs the selected version of docker-ce.
  5. #systemctl start docker: starts Docker services

You may wish to upgrade directly to the latest version of Docker. Please verify the latest version is compatible with the Avast Business Management Console, then use the following command: #dnf -y update docker-ce.

Upgrading Docker

You will occasionally need to upgrade your docker-compose installation. Use the following commands.

  1. #pip install --upgrade pip: upgrades pip to the latest version
  2. #pip install --upgrade docker-compose: upgrades docker-compose to the latest version