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Installing Docker Compose on Linux

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business On-Premise Console

Install Docker Compose to host the On-Premise Console containers using the following commands.

  1. #dnf config-manager ---add-repo downloads the docker-ce repositories
  2. #dnf makecache: creates a system cache
  3. #dnf -y install docker-ce: installs docker-ce from the downloaded repositories
  4. #systemctl enable docker: enables Docker services on the device
  5. #systemctl start docker: starts Docker services
  6. #dnf -y install python-pip: installs python-pip repositories, which is a package management tool used to manage and install python packages
  7. #pip install –-upgrade pip: upgrade python pip repositories
  8. #pip install docker-compose: installs the docker-compose command

Additionally, you may wish to grant specific users access to Docker commands. This should also grant access to use docker-compose commands. To do this, enter the following: #usermod -aG docker <user>, replacing <user> with the name of the user you want to give permissions to.

Once you have Docker installed, you can begin Installing On-Premise Console on Linux.