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Troubleshooting the ConnectWise – Avast Business Integration

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These are only a sample of the more common issues some of our customers have reported with the ConnectWise Integration. If you need further support, please contact Business Technical Support.

When I click “Enable” in the Avast plugin, the system pauses for 30 seconds and then completes without enabling my client

The plugin is waiting for a response from Avast servers and is not getting a reply in a timely manner. Make sure you have open communication to the following:


The Avast plugin option do not appear in my client settings

Make sure you have enabled the client from the Avast plugin in the “Tools” section.

When I try to manually deploy the Antivirus to machines I get a message that the automation script must first be allowed to run

Automate fully onboards new clients with an automation script that may take up to an hour to complete. This must be allowed to run before manual deployments can take place. If the message persists, please make sure the Connectwise Onboarding script is being allowed to run.

I selected to ‘automatically install Avast’ but my clients are still not getting Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security

Make sure that the clients have already been fully onboarded (See previous issue)

If your machines have been onboarded already, then the install command may be failing to issue.

  1. Open the Avast plugin and select Test API
  2. Run the “Get Installer” test and the “Get company” test

If either fail, contact Avast support with your results. If both pass, you must doublecheck that your automation scripts are being allowed to execute.

I installed the plugin but it is still not appearing in “Tools”

Make sure that you have enabled the plugin in “Plugin Manager” and that you have allowed Automate Control Center to restart.

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