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Integrating Business Hub With Business API Gateway

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Hub


Our Business API Gateway helps speed up your business operations by allowing you to integrate Avast Business Hub with your existing external systems.

Currently, this integration allows for the following Business Hub-related actions to be performed from within an external system/SIEM:

  • Inviting new users to the customer/partner version of the Business Hub
  • Automatically activating subscriptions purchased by customers
  • Activating new trials for existing customers
  • Viewing active subscriptions, trials, and their usage among customers
  • Monitoring the status of managed devices and their services (as displayed in the Business Hub)
  • Integrating the Hub's device report data with the monitoring/SIEM system's data
  • Viewing all active alerts of a customer console

Some scenarios in which a partner (distributor, reseller) would benefit from integrating the Hub with an external system are described in the Integration Use Cases section at the bottom of this article.

Setting Up API Gateway Integration

Where you add the integration provides the necessary functions for the account. For example, if the integration is created at multi-tenant/partner level, the generated ID and secret can be used to add sites/global users. If the integration is only created at site/customer level, or in a single-tenant console, only those site/customer/single-tenant functions are available.


To add Business API Gateway to your Business Hub integrations:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the console, then select Integrations
  1. On the Integrations page, click the + Add a new integration button
  2. In the dialog, enter the integration name and choose API Gateway as the integration scope
  3. Click Generate a secret
  1. Copy the generated Client ID and the Client Secret - you will need these credentials for your configuration and to access the API Gateway

Note that once you close this dialog, you will not be able to view the secret again. If you need a new secret, click the actions menu (three dots) next to the integration and select Generate new secret.

Accessing API Gateway

Once you have added the integration to your Business Hub, you will be able to log in to the API Gateway using the previously generated Client ID and Client Secret.

Via the drop-down menu in the top right corner, you can select between the following definitions:

  • Alerts
  • Companies
  • Devices
  • Invitations
  • Policies
  • Reports
  • Signup
  • Subscriptions
  • Users

For each definition, the available controllers and schemas will be listed.

At the top of each page, you can also access the API Gateway documentation by expanding the Integration manual section.

Integration Use Cases

The following are some possible use cases of the Business API Gateway integration:

  • As a reseller, I want to invite a new user to the customer’s console directly from my system instead of having to do it from the Business Hub.
  • As a (distribution) partner, I want to invite a new Global Administrator to the Hub of my reseller so that I can onboard an admin of my reseller to their own Business Hub.
  • As a reseller, I want to send my customer an invite to the Hub with preactivated trial options so that the customer gets the trial automatically upon registration.
  • As a reseller, I want to send my customer an invite to the Hub with a preactivated subscription so that the customer gets the products automatically upon registration.
  • As a distributor, I want to invite my resellers to the Partner version of the Business Hub so that my partners can use the Partner version without the need to use OMS.
  • As an MSP, I want to see all active alerts of a customer in my system so that I don’t need to open the Business Hub to check alerts.
  • As a reseller, I want to activate a subscription from my system so that when a customer buys a new subscription, I can automatically activate it for their Hub.
  • As a reseller, I want to activate a trial in an existing Hub from my system so that I can offer my customers existing or new services.
  • As an MSP, I want to get the device status for all devices in the Hub so that I can see the devices' status in my integrated monitoring system.
  • As an MSP, I want to get device reports via API so that I can get all that data integrated with my monitoring system.
  • As an MSP, I want to create a new customer console so that when there is a new customer, I can automate the onboarding process.
  • As a reseller, I want to know how much the subscriptions I sold are being used among my customers so that I can send a reminder to those with low usage/activation to start using the products.

Sending Feedback

If you'd like to share your experience relating to the API features with us, you can do so directly from the Integrations page using the API Feedback option in the top right corner.