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Scheduling and Emailing Reports

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare

You can view all existing report schedules by clicking All Schedules in the left-hand navigation pane.

  1. From the Reports tab, click the plus icon in the left-hand navigation pane beneath Report Schedules
  2. In the Select and Define Report section:
    • Select the report you want scheduled from the list in the left panel
    • Use the Time Frame drop-down menu to select the range of time the report will cover
  3. In the Define Schedule section:
    • Enable report scheduling by clicking the check box
    • Enter a unique name for the scheduled report or use the default name provided
    • Select the frequency from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
    • Enter the Start and End Dates for the report, or select No End Date
    • Select the time of day you would like the report to be generated
  4. In the Select Recipients section:
    • Either select existing recipients from the menu or add new recipients by name and email
    • You can also change the subject line for the email that will be sent, and/or add a message
  5. When your settings have been configured, click Save