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Premium Remote Control (PRC)

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare

Policy Settings

The Premium Remote Control Service allows you access and manage your CloudCare protected network through the CloudCare portal. With Premium Remote Control, you can configure, monitor, and diagnose issues, and provide support for the computers in your network from anywhere with an internet connection. You can access the Premium Remote Control settings from the Remote Device Support section in the Policies tab:

During a remote session, the host computer is the computer that is being accessed and the client computer is the device that is used to access the remote computer.

If you would like to give end users the option to allow or disallow the remote connection, click the check box beside Enable Host User Consent. Enter a message to be presented to the host user when they are prompted for permission. Then enter the amount of time to wait for the user's consent. If the user does not respond before the time expires, the request will be rejected.

You can also select from two options for the quality of the stream between the host and client computers. Best Quality will provide a clearer stream but may suffer if the network connection is slow. High Speed may provide a lower-quality stream but is the best option for slower network connections.

In Recommended Settings, you can select any or all of the following options:

  • Leave AERO desktop experience while sharing the desktop: enable AERO which can have a noticeable impact on performance since more data will be need to be transferred during a remote session.
  • Leave background while sharing the desktop: enable desktop background which can have a noticeable impact on performance since more data will be need to be transferred during a remote session.
  • Leave desktop effects while sharing the desktop: similar to removing the background image and disabling AERO, it is advisable to disable other desktop effects. Enabling this option could have an impact on session performance.

Remote Control Sessions

You can connect directly to a host computer if the following conditions are true:

  • outbound UDP ports are unblocked on both device and network levels-on the Host device's network and the Client device's network
  • the CloudCare software is installed and running on the host
  • the host is connected to the Internet
  • the host is not in Sleep mode

If the host computer is powered off—or in a supported sleep mode—you can use the Wake on LAN (WoL) feature to connect to it if the following conditions have been met:

  • the host computer is plugged in
  • the host computer is connected to the LAN—either through Ethernet or WiFi
  • there is at least one other computer on the same network that is both powered on and running the CloudCare software
  • the host computer is in a supported sleep mode—stand–by, sleep, or hibernation (ACPI specification S3 or S4)
  • or—if the host computer is powered off— WoL is enabled in the host computer's BIOS

Connecting to the Host Computer

  1. From the Devices tab, click on the device you want to access from either the device tree or the device table.
  2. On the Device Details page, click Wake or Connect.
  3. Click Ok to confirm UDP ports have been unblocked on both client and host network and device levels.
  4. Once a connection to the host machine is established, the remote access interface will open in a new browser tab. While the remote connection is being established, no further action is required. A login screen may briefly appear, but your credentials will be automatically populated into the form.

When initiating a remote connection, you will be prompted to download the Premium Remote Control service. Download and run the executable file, then return to the Device Details view in the Devices tab to access the Wake or Connect options (you might need to click Refresh in the upper right corner of the view). Note that once the .exe file has been run to establish a remote session, it cannot be used for any future connections. This means that you will need to download and run this executable each time you want to connect to a device.

Features Available with PRC

Features Available at the Host Computer

  • Transfer files between computers
  • Text chat
  • Terminate a session
  • Access to the Premium Remote Control interface using the CloudCare system tray icon

Features Available at the Client Computer

  • Enable/Disable multiple remote connections
  • Transfer files between computers
  • Text chat with host user
  • Adjust network connection speed to achieve optimal performance
  • Clipboard sync: copy and paste information between devices
  • Change the color quality of the host screen
  • Restart, shut down, and wake host devices

Host-side Remote Console

The Premium Remote Control console gives the host user ultimate control over when a remote user can connect to the device. Before a connection is established, the host-side user must choose to allow connections to the device. A disconnect button allows them to disconnect an ongoing session at any time. The host-side user can access the Premium Remote Control console through the system tray icon. The console displays information about the host machine, the remote user, the remote connection and allows the host to initiate a chat with the remote user.