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Firewall General Settings

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare


Firewall monitors all network traffic between your device and the outside world to protect you from unauthorized communication and intrusions. Firewall can prevent sensitive data from leaving your device and can block attempted intrusions by hackers.

You can enable or disable the Firewall component by clicking the slider beneath the tab.

If you would like to ensure all settings and rules are determined by the web portal and cannot be altered by the end user, enable the Override client configuration slider.


Using the check boxes, you can choose to enable or disable the following settings.

Show notifications to users about newly created “allow” and/or “block” rules: when you create allow/block rules in the portal, users will be alerted to these changes.

Internet Connection Sharing mode: this option will allow a trusted user to connect to the internet through your PC and/or connect to devices connected to the internet via your PC. This opens additional ports, which could be a security concern.

Allow all connections with Friends when in Private mode: when you are connected to a Private (Trusted) network, you can allow connections with networks listed as Friends.

Firewall Logs

You can choose to set a maximum number of records for the Firewall logs to ensure the file does not become too large. If you would like to log all instances of blocked packets, enable the check box. This option will create very large log files, but may aid in troubleshooting connection issues.

Port Scan Detection

If you would like to log all instances of blocked packets, enable the check box. You can also choose to set an IP block timeout, listed in milliseconds.

Raw Sockets

If you would like to enable raw sockets, click the check box.