Using the Avast Support Tool

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Cloud Console
  • Avast Business On-Premise Console
  • Avast Business Antivirus
  • Small Office Protection

The Avast Support Tool is a diagnostic tool that checks your Avast Business Antivirus software for common problems and can gather files to send to Business Technical Support as a reference for Support representatives and engineers.

Running the Support Tool

  1. Download the Avast Support Tool
  2. Run the Tool as Administrator and accept the license terms. The Tool will then gather information about your machine and our installed software
    • If the Avast Support Tool does not run automatically, click Start
  3. Once the Support Tool has completed its scan, click Next
  4. Fill in the following details:
    • The email address you provided when you first contacted Avast Business Technical Support (by submitting a ticket or starting a chat) that is linked to your ticket
    • The Ticket ID you received after submitting your ticket
  5. By default, support files are sent to Avast servers. You can change this setting by clicking Options and unchecking the box next to Automatically send to Avast.
  6. Click Generate to allow the tool to gather the necessary files. This may take several minutes, and the support file is automatically sent to Avast Business Support if you are connected to the internet
  1. For future reference, note the File ID and its location on your PC. In your next communication with Avast Business Support, you can provide the support File ID to our support representatives
  2. Click Finish to complete the file submission to Avast Business Support