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Viewer vs. Administrator Permissions

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business On-Premise Console


There are two types of users in the On-Premise Console - administrators and viewers.

Administrators are able to access and manage all available sections and settings in the console.

Viewers' management permissions, on the other hand, are quite limited. Although they are able to view all sections and settings in the console, they can perform only the following actions:

  • Managing all settings in the Your profile section (see Managing Your On-Premise Console Profile)
  • Changing the console language
  • Exporting device lists
  • Applying available filters and other search/sorting options throughout the console
  • Contacting Avast Business Technical Support via the Contact our support option in the Help & Support section
  • Accessing all external links

No other management permissions are available to console viewers, such as managing devices, policy settings, alert settings, or subscriptions.

For detailed instructions on how to add and manage console users and their roles, see Managing Users.


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