Updating Devices via the Console

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Cloud Console
  • Avast Business On-Premise Console

You can manually update the virus definitions and Avast Business Antivirus program version on your devices by creating a task to do so via your Console. For more information, see Creating and Deleting Tasks and Update Antivirus Tasks for Devices.

However, you can also configure your device policy to automatically update when new virus definitions or Antivirus program versions are released.

  1. Click the policy you would like to change
  2. Select the OS you are adding automatic update settings for
  3. Click the General Settings tab
  4. In the When to update section, choose an update option for both Virus definition updates and Program updates from the following options:
    • Automatically when new update is available
    • Manually
  5. Click Apply changes