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Avast Business CloudCare to Business Hub Upgrade FAQs

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  • Business Hub

Avast Business CloudCare will be entering End-of-Life in 2022, and customers will be upgraded to the Business Hub.

What are the key milestones?

The support timelines below are provided to allow ample time to upgrade from CloudCare to our new platform.

Milestone Definition Date
End-of-life date "End-of-Life" refers to a product that Avast Business has identified as being at the end of its useful life, and product sales and support have been, or are being, discontinued for it. December 31, 2022
End-of-support date "End-of-Support" refers to the date on which Avast Business stopped, or will stop, providing technical support for CloudCare. December 31, 2022
Upgrade path "Upgrade Path" means the suggested Avast Business product replacement for the End-of-Life product. Upgrades began Q1 2021 and will continue to the end of Q4 2022

Where can I find more information?

You can find the most up-to-date information about the CloudCare to Business Hub upgrade at the EOL Landing Page.

What is the upgrade path?

Details on the upgrade process are provided to customers who can migrate, meaning they are not using services not yet available in the Hub. When you are able to migrate, you will receive more information on the upgrade path.