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Mobile Protection

This Article Applies to:

  • Business Hub


As a user of New Business Solutions managed via Business Hub, you will have the possibility to install Avast Mobile Security as well, at no extra charge, and use the same number of seats as you have purchased for your subscription. This means that if you have a subscription for 10 seats with Essential Business Security for instance, you can install Mobile Security on 10 mobile devices.


Please note that Mobile Security cannot be managed or monitored from within the Hub but locally, on end devices. You can, however, use the console to send all necessary instructions along with activation codes to users who need to install mobile protection.


Component Overview by Operating System

Mobile Component Android iOS
File Scanner X  
Photo Vault X X
Hack Alerts/Identity Protection X X
App Lock X  
Anti-Theft X  
Network Inspector X  
Scam Protection X  
Boost RAM X  
Clean Junk X  
Speed Test X  
Wi-Fi Protection   X
App Insights X  
Web Shield/Web Protection X X
VPN (standalone app) X X


All components are available for each subscription type except for VPN, which comes as a standalone app with Premium and Ultimate Business Security tiers only.

Component Details

  • File Scanner: Scans individual files and folders for security threats
  • Photo Vault: Encrypts and hides selected photos, protecting access to them with a PIN
  • Hack Alerts/Identity Protection: Warns user of potential leaks of sensitive information, such as passwords
  • App Lock: Protects sensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint
  • Anti-Theft: Protects stored data and helps recover a lost or stolen device
    • Camera Trap (part of Anti-Theft): Activates phone's camera to secretly photograph a potential thief
    • Last Known Location (part of Anti-Theft): Records device's last known location
    • SIM Security (part of Anti-Theft): Locks device when SIM card is changed
  • Network Inspector: Checks connected Wi-Fi network for security issues, such as router and network vulnerabilities
  • Scam Protection: Warns if links from emails or messaging apps are dangerous.
  • Boost RAM: Closes apps running in the background
  • Clean Junk: Safely frees up space on device
  • Speed Test: Checks connected Wi-Fi network download/upload speed
  • Wi-Fi Protection: Uses VPN configuration to encrypt online traffic
  • App Insights: Sets data usage limit and alerts when nearing limit
  • Web Shield/Web Protection: Uses a local VPN profile to monitor ongoing internet communication and stop malicious connections
  • VPN (standalone app): Provides anonymous browsing by encrypting traffic and offering multiple server locations


Accessing and Sending Activation Details

You can view and share Avast Mobile Security installation instructions and activation code straight from the Hub by going to Subscriptions and clicking the Add device link next to Mobile Protection:


Forwarding Instructional Email With Activation Code

  1. In the Add mobile device window, select the Add via email tab
  2. Enter your email address and click Send email
  3. Once you receive the email with the instructions for both Android and iOS, forward it to any users who need to protect their mobile devices

Manually Providing Instructions and Activation Code

  1. In the Add mobile device window, select the See Instructions tab
  2. Copy the link to instructions for Android/iOS, then share with users as needed

Both the online instructions and the instructional email will automatically include the activation code. If needed, the code can also be viewed and copied at any time through the Use activation code tab in the Add mobile device window.


Once users install and activate mobile protection on their devices, they will be able to use the above mentioned Antivirus features. For more details on Mobile Security and its components, see Android Mobile Protection in Business Hub and iOS Mobile Protection in Business Hub.