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Partner vs. Customer Reports

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare


Many of the reports in the CloudCare portal are available to partner, self-managed, and direct users. However, partners have some additional reports that are not available to the other two user types, particularly ones that provide details about customers such as subscription information and security issues.

CloudCare reports can be customized and scheduled to be sent to recipients. They can also be run on-demand and printed or exported to .PDF or .CSV file. The information compiled in these reports allow you to analyze potential problems while providing an overview of the devices in the CloudCare network.

Partner View

There is only one section available to Partners in the left-hand navigation pane: partner reports. The Patch Management reports are only available at the customer level. If you have a customer selected, two more sections in the left-hand pane are available: report schedules, and report settings.

Partner Level

Customer Level

Customer View

There are three sections in the left-hand navigation pane: customer reports, report schedules, and report settings.