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Updating Devices in Your Network

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare


You can manually update the virus definitions and Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security program version on your devices by creating a task to do so via your Portal. For more information, see Creating Tasks.

However, you can also configure your device policy to automatically update when new virus definitions or Antivirus program versions are released.

  1. Navigate to the Policies tab and click the policy you would like to change
  2. Expand the CloudCare Agent Settings tab
  3. On the Update Schedule tab, click the check box to enable automatic updates of Antivirus, Secure Web Gateway, Content Filtering, and Premium Remote Control
  4. Select when the updates should occur between the following options:
    • Run every x hours (enter the number of hours)
    • Run at specific times (choose every day, selected days, or every selected day in month, and enter the time of day)
    • Run on computer startup (choose how long of a delay between startup and update)
  5. As desired, enable or disable Run when computer starts up if task has been missed if the computer was shut down during the scheduled update time
  6. As desired, enable or disable Run the update again after the internet connection is available if the computer did not have internet access during the scheduled update time
  7. Click Save & Apply to Devices
    • If you are editing a Master Policy, this will say Save & Apply to Customers instead

For more information on updates, see Understanding Updates and Reboots.