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Configuring Standard Antivirus Exclusions

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business CloudCare

You can configure exclusions that will propagate across all of the various Shields and components of Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security in the Antivirus section of your policies. If you would like to configure exclusions that only apply to one component, see Configuring Component-Specific Exclusions.

Exclusions are limited to approximately 8000 characters across all exclusions both standard (All Scans and Shields) and component-specific (File shield, Web shield, etc). For this reason, we recommend you minimize exclusions where possible to prevent any security flaws and/or impact on system performance.

Any changes made to exclusions within policies will propagate across your network roughly every 5-10 minutes. Console policies override local settings.

Adding Exclusions

  1. For Partners, if you would like to only configure exclusions for one customer, select the customer in the Customer Drop-down Menu
  2. Navigate to the Policies tab
  3. Click the policy you would like to add exclusions to
  4. Expand the Antivirus section, then click the Exclusions tab
  5. Click Add exclusion, then select the exclusion type:
    • File path: enter a file path you would like to exclude
    • URL: enter a URL you would like to exclude
  6. Check All Scans and Shields, then click Save
  7. Click Save & Apply to Devices when you are finished
    • If you are editing a Master Policy, this option will say Save & Apply to Customers instead