Updating Avast Business Antivirus (Linux)

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Antivirus

VPS updates

In order to keep your protection up-to-date, you must regularly update the virus definitions database (VPS). Avast Business Antivirus provides a shell script which checks for, downloads, and installs the latest VPS. The update script is installed by default and executed every hour as a cron job.

The default Avast crontab entry is: 0 * * * * /var/lib/avast/Setup/avast.vpsupdate

Avast uses incremental updates, so the average update data size is less than 0.5 MB.

Local virus definitions mirrors

It is possible to use a local, mirrored, VPS repository. This is useful when you are running several Avast installations on your local network. To set up a local VPS mirror, you need a local HTTP server that can serve a copy of the official public repository. To get your local repository copy, use the following command:

  • $ wget -r -N -e robots=off -nH --cut-dirs=2 \ "http://linux-av.u.avcdn.net/linux-av/avast/x86_64/vps9/"
    • Replace "x86_64" with "i386" for 32b systems

To change the VPS repository URL that Avast uses for VPS updates, edit the /etc/avast/vps.conf configuration file.

Security considerations

Update files are signed by Avast, and the application verifies the signature before applying an update.