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Antivirus Silent Uninstall Script

This Article Applies to:

  • Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security
  • Small Office Protection

If you want to silently uninstall Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security or Small Office Protection from your device, you can do so using a PowerShell script. If you are uninstalling from multiple devices, you must complete this process on all of them.

Do not use this process for devices managed by the Business Hub or On-Premise Console. For managed devices, see Command-Line Installation Parameters.

Disabling self-defense

Before you can run the silent uninstall script, you must disable the Antivirus's self-protection component

  1. Open the local Antivirus client UI
  2. Click Menu, then Settings
  3. Click the Troubleshooting tab in the General section
  4. Uncheck the box beside Enable Self-Defense
  5. Click Ok, Disable in the pop-up to confirm

Running the script

  1. Download the Avast silent uninstall script
  2. Use PowerShell to run the script on the device
  3. Restart the device if necessary

If you encounter issues using the script, you may need to enable the execution policy, or the installation path is not default (in which case you must amend the path in the script). PowerShell's execution policy settings dictate what PowerShell scripts can be run on a Windows system. To enable the execution policy, run: set-executionpolicy unrestricted.