Anti-Theft (Android)

This Article Applies to:

  • Small Office Protection

The Anti-Theft feature available in Avast Mobile Security is designed to protect your private mobile data and help you recover your device in the case of loss or theft. You can also capture photos of a possible thief when an incorrect PIN is entered, lock your device when SIM card is changed, and secretly record the phone's surroundings at any time.

Enabling Anti-Theft

  1. Tap the Avast Mobile Security icon on your device to open the app
  2. Tap Menu ▸ Anti-Theft
  3. Tap Set up now to begin the activation process
  4. Tap Set PIN
    1. Select an email account for PIN reset and tap Ok to confirm
    2. Enter your PIN twice
    3. Tap Continue to complete PIN Setup
  5. Tap Web Control
    1. Tap Set up Web control
    2. Log in to your Avast Account
    3. If you are also using another Avast app on this device and you are logged in to your Avast Account there, Anti-Theft detects this automatically and offers to use the same account. In this case, tap I understand to confirm that you want to log in to the suggested account.
  6. Tap Allow permissions
    1. Tap Go to Settings to grant the System overlay permission
    2. Move the slider under Avast Mobile Security to On
    3. Tap Go to Settings to grant the Device administrator permission
    4. Read the information about this permission and tap Activate
    5. Tap Go to Settings to grant the Usage stats permission
    6. Move the slider under Avast Mobile Security to On
    7. Tap Go to Settings to grant the Write Settings permission
    8. Move the slider under Avast Mobile Security to On
    9. Tap Request Permissions to grant basic permissions, then tap Allow on each screen
  7. Return to the app and tap Finish to complete the activation
  8. Enter your PIN to unlock Avast Mobile Security

Anti-Theft Settings

  1. Tap the Avast Mobile Security icon on your device to open the app
  2. Tap Menu ▸ Anti-Theft
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Enable, disable, or configure the available settings as desired

Automatic Lockout

PIN Security: allows you to use additional protection by marking your device as lost if your Avast PIN is entered incorrectly eight times. PIN Security is enabled by default, go to Anti-Theft ▸ PIN security to manage it

Lock on SIM change: locks your device automatically when it detects a SIM card change. This is especially useful if a potential thief attempts to insert another SIM card into your device. Lock on SIM change is disabled by default, go to Anti-Theft ▸ Lock on SIM change to enable it

Lost Device

When your device is marked as LOST (sent by SMS or from your Avast Account), the following settings apply based on what you have enabled or disabled:

Lock device: makes your device inaccessible to intruders

Sound siren: activates the siren on your device to alert you or others to its location

Camera trap: activates the camera on your device to secretly captures a photo of a potential thief. The photo can be retrieved from your Avast Account or from a cloud storage account configured in Anti-Theft settings (Android 6.0 or higher)

Last known location: records the last known location when the phone is turned off

Device Control

Web control on setup or re-setup the My Avast Account you will use for remote control

Command history: see the history of the commands issued for the device

Advanced Settings

PIN & Pattern: set the PIN/pattern used to unlock Anti-Theft

Lock screen message: setup a personalized message that will appear on the lock-screen (for example, a phone number to call)

Device administrator: toggle the Device administrator permission on/off (you will be taken to the appropriates device's settings)

Anti-Theft Remote Control

The Anti-Theft component may be remotely controlled from your Avast Account.

  1. Log in to My Avast Account at
  2. Select the Menu, then click Anti-Theft
  3. Select your mobile device
  4. An overview of the device will be shown, with information and Anti-Theft commands

Remote Control Commands

Locate: opens Locate tab, with the options to "Track Device" and "Request Location"

  • Request location: shows the current location
  • Track Device: allows the user to choose how often to locate the device (min. 5 minutes), and saves a record of the device's location

Mark as Lost: send a command to the device setting it as Lost or Found

Siren: turn the siren On or Off

Lock: lock or unlock the phone

Wipe: send a command to the device to wipe all data from the phone

  • This command will remove all the data from the phone including the Anti-Theft. Once this command is issued, no further control of the device by Anti-Theft will be possible!

Record audio: record audio using the phone's microphone. You can choose recording duration, or select Use noise recognition and a Maximum noise recognition duration to intelligently record sounds

Take picture: select either front or back camera and either take picture when a face is recognized within 1 minute of the next time the screen is turned on; or take picture the next time the screen is turned on

Get data: export contacts from the device

Message: display a user-typed message on the device

Call: send a command to the device to call a user-specified number (such as to hear what is happening in real time)

Info: see Anti-Theft information, a history of commands sent from the web portal, information sent from the app, and access pictures/audio captured by the app

Settings: customize various Anti-Theft Settings