Tasks Report (AVG Business Management Consoles)

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console
  • AVG Business On-Premise Console

Cloud Console

The Tasks Report shows the results of tasks for your devices in a predetermined time period. You can also add filters and search for devices or tasks by name within the report.

Cloud Console and On-Premise Console

Tasks Summary

Lists the number of tasks in the table if you added a filter, successfully completed tasks, failed tasks, successfully completed scans, and failed scans. You can click on each button to filter the below list.

Tasks List

Displays a table of all devices with tasks under the chosen filter(s,) the task name/category, frequency, scheduled time, completed time, progress, and results. You can select the number of devices to display per page at the bottom of the table.

On-Premise Console

The Tasks Report displays information on tasks that have completed and tasks that have failed.

Tasks Overview

One-time tasks refer to tasks that were not scheduled and tasks that were scheduled to run just once. Repeating task runs refer to every task that was executed during the selected time period on each of your devices. For example, if you selected Last 30 days as your time range and you have one recurring task that runs daily on all five of your devices, your Tasks overview shows 150 repeating task runs from one recurring task (1 task x 30 runs on 5 devices = 150 runs in total.)

The number of failed task runs is calculated based on every task run on each of your devices. Therefore, you may have multiple failed task runs even with only one device.

Top 10 Devices with Failed Tasks

Displays the number of times each task type has failed on each of your devices. If a repeating task fails multiple times, each failure is recorded as a different task failure.