Device Report

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console
  • AVG Business On-Premise Console

The Device Report provides a complete list of devices with details, status, and subscription data. You can also add filters and search for devices by name and IP address within the report.

Cloud Console

Device Summary

Lists the number of devices in the table if you added a filter, devices in danger, inactive for 14+ days, and inactive for 30+ days. You can click on each button to filter the below list.

Device List

Displays a table of all devices under the chosen filter(s,) their statuses, groups, policies, Operating Systems, IP addresses, dates added, dates last seen, and subscriptions. You can select the number of devices to display per page at the bottom of the table.

On-Premise Console

The Devices Report displays basic information on the number of devices added and removed across your network.

Devices Removed

Displays the number of times you uninstalled Antivirus from a device, regardless of whether you uninstalled Antivirus from the Console or directly from the device.

Devices Added

Displays the number of devices you have installed and activated Antivirus on. If you install Antivirus on a device but do not activate it from the Console, the device is not counted.

If you reinstall Antivirus on a device, the device won’t be included in the count for devices removed or devices added.