Antivirus Threats Report (AVG Business Management Consoles)

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console
  • AVG Business On-Premise Console

Cloud Console

The Antivirus Threats Report displays threats found on your devices in a predetermined time period. You can also add filters and search for devices by name within the report.

Cloud Console and On-Premise Console

Threats Summary

Displays all threats detected as a line graph, with each resolution type as a unique line and color. The threat actions mean the following:

  • Detected: the threat has been detected, but action is needed to deal with it
  • Quarantined: the threat has been detected and moved to the virus chest
  • Blocked: the threat was blocked, such as a connection aborted by Web Shield
  • Deleted: the threat was deleted from the device
  • Repaired: the threat was repaired, for instance bad code removed from a file
  • Autofix: Antivirus followed an automated process to deal with the threat, by trying to repair, then moving to the virus chest, then deleting. This is configured in your Policies.

Device Threats Summary

Lists the number of devices with threats detected, devices with more than one threat, and infected devices.

Threats List

Displays a table of all devices with detected threats, their group, which Shield detected the threat, the threat type, date and time of detection, details for the threat and its location, and the resolution details. You can select the number of devices to display per page at the bottom of the table.

On-Premise Console

The Threats Report displays external threats to devices and data, and how you have been protected from them.

Threat Overview and Threats Over Time

Displays how many threats were detected by each shield. It counts threats that were resolved as well as those that were not resolved for any reason.

Threat Types

Displays a breakdown of the threat categories of all detected threats (Error, PUP, Suspicious File, or Malware)

  • Top 10 Threats: displays how many times a particular threat was detected by any shield, no matter if it was resolved or not. If the same threat was detected on more devices that might mean an infected source has spread across your devices.
  • How Threats Were Resolved: displays a breakdown of actions taken to resolve the threats. It counts only successful actions.
  • Top 10 Infected Devices: displays the devices that have the most threats detected. Both resolved and unresolved threats are displayed.