Configuring Restarts and Cache Clearance

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console

When you are configuring the settings in your device policies for Patch Management, you can choose special options for device restarts and clearing patch files from the device.

Endpoint Device Restarts

Often, patches and updates require devices to be restarted after installation. When you install patches using policies, you can tell devices to restart and control when that restart begins. If patches are installed but those patches don’t require a restart, the devices won’t be restarted. For automatic restarts, you can choose from the following options:

  • Do not restart: You will have to restart manually either from the console or on a physical endpoint device. No restart will occur. This could affect future patch deployments if there is a restart pending on the Windows operating system.
  • Restart when user logs off: A message will be displayed to the endpoint user that a restart is needed, and the device will restart when the user logs off. If no user is logged in to the end device, it will restart automatically.
  • Force restart automatically once Patch is installed without any options for user: A message about the upcoming restart will show to the endpoint user 10 minutes before the restart.
  • Force restart automatically but with options for user (Recommended): A message about the upcoming restart will show to the endpoint user 60 minutes before the restart.
    • Let user postpone restart up to 3 times: the user will be able to postpone the restart up to 3 times, after which the machine will restart.
    • Let user cancel the restart: allows the user to cancel the restart until the next patch deployment occurs, at which point the dialog will appear again and they can choose to cancel restart again.

Cache Clearance

You can choose to clear patch files on the local device to free up hard drive space for future patches. These files can be cleared:

  • Immediately after deployment (default)
  • 7 days after deployment
  • 30 days after deployment
  • 60 days after deployment