Configuring Standard Antivirus Exclusions

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console
  • AVG Business On-Premise Console

You can configure exclusions that will propagate across all of the various Shields and components of AVG Business Antivirus in the Antivirus Settings tab of your policies. If you would like to configure exclusions that only apply to one component, see Configuring Component-Specific Exclusions.

Any changes made to exclusions within policies will propagate across your network every 5-10 minutes. Console policies override local settings.

Adding Exclusions

  1. Navigate to the Antivirus Settings tab for the desired OS
  2. In the Exclusions section, do one of the following:
    • Click File paths, enter a file path you would like to exclude, then click Add
    • Click URL addresses, enter a URL you would like to exclude, then click Add
  3. Click Apply changes when you are finished

If you have multiple OS types using the same policy, be sure to add the exclusions to this section under the Windows Workstation and/or Windows Server tabs.