Firewall: Application Rules

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Antivirus

Application Rules are specifically meant to control the access for various applications that may run on your devices.

Adding Application Rules

  1. Open the AVG Business Antivirus client UI
  2. Click the Hacker Attacks button, Firewall options, then Application Rules
  3. Click New application rule, then select the Group the application rule will be added under
  4. Browse to the .exe for the application, select it, and click Open
  5. Set the allowed connections using the orange bars, from the following options:
    • Block all connections
    • Friends out
    • Friends in/out
    • Internet out
    • Friends in and Internet out
    • All connections
  6. If desired, configure any other details for the application rule in the drop-down
    • You can also select custom rules for various ports and protocols by clicking Packet rules, then adding or altering the packet rules in the table

Custom Application Rules

  1. Click the application rule you need to alter
  2. Click Packet Rules
  3. Make any required alterations to the Action, Protocol, Direction, Address, Local Port, and/or Remote Port for each rule
  4. Click Ok