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Quick Start: Avast Business Solutions Trial

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The new Avast Business small business solutions will provide greater value to our Business Hub customers with more available services at each level. Choose between Essential, Premium, and Ultimate Business Security to protect your business.

Upgrade paths

The new products will replace the current purchase methods for Antivirus, Pro, and Pro Plus. Each level of Antivirus will receive a free upgrade to the small business solution version.

  • Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security → Essential Business Security (with Antivirus Pro)
    • Recommended for MacOS users, because the additional services at the higher tiers are for Windows devices only
  • Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security Pro → Premium Business Security (with Antivirus Pro Plus, including VPN)
  • Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security Pro Plus → Ultimate Business Security (with Antivirus Pro Plus, including VPN and Patch Management)

While Patch Management is integrated at the highest tier, it is also available as an add-on service. Cloud Backup and Premium Remote Control are additional add-on services.

New Products Overview

  Essential Business Security Premium Business Security Ultimate Business Security
Online Management Platform X X X
Device Protection X X X
Data Protection X X X
IT Support X X X
Privacy Protection   X X
Webcam Protection   X X
Password Protection   X X
Patch Management (available as add-on) (available as add-on) X
Cloud Backup (available as add-on) (available as add-on) (available as add-on)
Premium Remote Control (available as add-on) (available as add-on) (available as add-on)
  • Online Management Platform: manage all your devices and security services from one place — anytime, anywhere.
  • Device Protection: Avast Business’ award-winning Antivirus blocks dangerous websites, ensures files and emails are malware-free, prevents hackers from accessing your devices, and more.
  • Data Protection:Avast Business’ firewall and network inspection tools block attempted intrusions and prevent sensitive data from leaving your devices.
  • Privacy Protection: Give your employees privacy and security so they can keep devices safe, no matter where they are.
  • Webcam Protection: Prevent applications from accessing your webcam without your consent.
  • Password Protection: Prevent applications and malware from viewing, changing, or deleting passwords stored in your internet browsers.
  • Patch Management: Automatically address vulnerabilities on your software and third-party applications to keep your business safe.

Antivirus Components by Product

  Essential Business Security Premium Business Security Ultimate Business Security
File Shield X X X
Web Shield X X X
Mail Shield X X X
Behavior Shield X X X
CyberCapture X X X
Firewall X X X
SmartScan X X X
Sandbox X X X
Network Inspector X X X
Real Site X X X
Rescue Disk X X X
Security Browser Extension X X X
Remote Access Shield X X X
Data Shredder X X X
Exchange Server Protection X X X
SharePoint Server Protection X X X
SecureLine VPN   X X
Webcam Shield   X X
Password Protection   X X
Patch Management (full service)     X

Activating a trial of the new Avast Business solutions

Follow these simple steps to activate a free trial of the new solutions.

  1. Log in to your Business Hub account or create a new account
  2. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab, then click See trial options
  1. Choose the product you want to try and click Start free trial
  2. Click Activate Trial
  1. Navigate to the Devices tab, then click + Device or Add your first device
  2. Select an installation file type, then click Download installer to download the installation file
    • Alternatively, click Share download link to copy the installation file download link, or click Install remotely (if you already have a device in the network) to quickly deploy your Avast Business solution to the rest your devices.
  1. Run the downloaded installation file on your network devices to install your Avast Business solution